A Business Rebirth

Lisa Plain (Petkovsek)Blog

Life and work are a series of rebirths.

Some are quiet, expected, planned for, and executed smoothly. Some you can see the transformation clearly on the surface and some are hidden. And others come with chaos, uncertainty, and no warning, and are all encompassing. This past year and a half for me has been the latter.

Firstly and most importantly, I have had the privilege of watching this amazing little human grow into a little boy. Motherhood is an amazing and challenging adventure in itself. It introduces you to a new version of yourself in the blink of an eye. Unfortunately, I stepped into motherhood with the near loss of my son on the day of his birth which shook me to my core. Following that, we lost a couple of dear family members. We then experienced a family tragedy that changed nearly everything. Other family dynamics changed. My husband started his own business in the midst of the chaos. All in one year. There were So. Many. Changes.

And thus the rebirth. I became someone new when I became a mother, but then the changes and challenges that I’ve experienced solidified this new phase, new chapter. I see more clearly, feel more deeply, and have a different acceptance and understanding of life. I’ve softened and strengthened.

I had anticipated going back to work full-time in early 2022 but due to all of the changes I had reduced my workload and shifted my full-time return to fall of 2022. This month is my new beginning. Taking a step away to focus on other parts of life has given me a new business perspective as well and I’m really excited to share my new programs and offerings, as well as enhanced existing programs and coaching.

With this new perspective I am more connected, supported, and ready to guide you to your career rebirth. It doesn’t matter which industry, function, or job level my clients come from. The common thread is a deep knowing that they are meant for more. That they have more to give and are ready to have a bigger impact and the drive to make it happen.

To learn more about my offerings, check out https://careerbalancecoaching.com/coaching/. And if you’re ready for a new beginning, schedule a free consultation today and let’s dive in.


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