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A Fresh Idea for Job Applications

Lisa Plain (Petkovsek)Blog

Applying to jobs online can feel like a grind.

You send out hundreds of resumes, to hear back from only a few. Truthfully, it’s tough to stand out on a piece of paper.

I am a strong believer in networking and getting your human self in front of as many other humans as possible. But given that the job market relies on applications, it’s worth considering how to make them more effective.

Enter the Video CV…

Recently, I was approached by the folks at who are spreading the word about a fresh new product they’ve developed. It’s a free video CV tool that allows you to create a short 2-minute introduction to who you are and why you’ll be great for the job. (By the way, this is not a paid endorsement. I just think the platform is really cool and that a lot of people can benefit from it!)

I love the idea because it’s a short, concise way of showcasing your elevator pitch and standing out from the crowd. It gives employers a sneak peek into your story, your communication and presentation style, and your tech-savviness before they meet you face to face.

You have 4 questions to answer, with 30 seconds per answer. You also have the option to rerecord if something goes wrong. Once you’ve recorded your video, you’ll receive a link that you can easily share with potential employers through your:

  • LinkedIn profile
  • cold emails or LinkedIn messages, or
  • resume and cover letter

Here’s a peek at what the finished product looks like:

To create your own Video CV or to learn more, head to, where they have examples and tutorials to help you make your video the best it can be!


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