"What struck me at first was Lisa’s sincere attention. She really tries to understand the individual and provide a personalized approach. She guided me to become more conscious of my authentic aspirations as well as my challenges and grounded it all by helping me establish a practical path forward towards my goals. Her approach combines intuition, drawn from years of experience, as well as a systemic approach that is both effective and efficient. It’s hard to believe how quickly we were able to make progress. I’m also a big fan of her “homework” assignments. While working on the assignments I was able to take the time and space needed to reflect and gain an elevated perspective on my life and career. Thank you so much, Lisa!" - CD

    "The 3 months I spent with Lisa as my Coach were undeniably wonderful. She challenged me to see beyond my default patterns of thinking, guided me toward making better choices for my life and helped me breakthrough the obstacle of feeling “stuck” that I’ve been carrying around for years. It also goes without saying that Lisa is so easy to talk to that opening up to her felt normal and natural. For anyone who is seeking a champion cheerleader to guide them through the ups and downs of their career, I cannot fathom anyone better!" - SM

    "When I first met Lisa I was transparent and shared my goals with her. The amount of insight I was given in 3 months has given me a much needed confidence boost to land an unbelievable opportunity in the tech industry. If you are in need of a life coach to help bring out the best in you, Lisa is the one. Lisa- I will never forget what you have done for me and I will continue to share how you saved my life. Thank you!" - AB

    "I was struggling to find a path forward with my career after nearly losing my marriage because of long hours and stress at work. Right away, Lisa gave me hope that there was a path forward (more than one, in fact) and then helped me to sort through my thoughts and feelings about work so I could see exactly what I was looking for in my next career move. After that, she coached me through the process of really looking at options and preparing myself to be open to new opportunities. With Lisa's coaching, I finally took the step to seriously seek out something new after many years working for the same company. Along the way, I also discovered some other passions that could one day turn into careers if I decide to make an even bigger change." - Anon

    "Lisa is so easy to talk to and she facilitates great conversations. Felt like a good therapy session with added clarity and perspective!" - Anon

    "When I started with Lisa I was certainly undervaluing what I was capable of. I was doing all the right things but still lacked confidence in myself. Lisa took time to understand me and my personality. Based on what she learned she helped me realize what I was actually worth and how to believe in myself and in turn convey the same confidence to people I interacted. As a result, I became more confident (not over confidence) and I did get offered a job that suited my skillsets." - Anon

    "My sessions with Lisa have been amazing! I would not be where I am today without her support and guidance. She has a way of pushing you through challenges with ease and guidance. I find that sometimes it is difficult to discuss the things that hold us back in life, but with Lisa I feel comfortable and safe. I highly recommend her services." - BR

    "Working with Lisa brought me so much clarity and direction. She is empathetic, supportive and truly talented at what she does. She helped me create a vision for my business and set clear goals to get it launched. Lisa held me accountable every step of the way, and I am very grateful for her." - JG


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