Helping corporate professionals find career freedom

As career-driven professionals, we are uniquely situated to take over the world…

... I mean create our own opportunities for success... but we can fall into jobs that don’t suit us, ending up overwhelmed, burnt-out, or feeling trapped. To top it all off, feeling lost at work causes your work-life balance to suffer. It can be hard to get yourself motivated to make time for your health, having fun, relationships, and everything else life throws at you.

You finished school, found a “good” job, and have been progressing well in your career, but you feel like something is missing. If this sounds like you, I’m here to help. My goal as your career coach is to help you rediscover your spark, create balance, and take the next steps to create your amazing life.


Former CPA turned Career Coach

“Only 4 more days until Friday!” I would joke on Monday morning as I walked into work. As a former Accountant who had lost her spark, I was constantly biding my time until Friday or the next long weekend. I would ride the subway with the other commuter zombies, half wishing it would break down so I could turn around and head home, until one day I asked myself “is this all there is?”

After some soul searching and career discovery I realized that the missing piece for me was a deep desire to connect with and help others. My experience in the Corporate world showed me that I was not alone in my career unhappiness and I knew I wanted to help others uncover that missing piece in their careers as well. I have helped 100s of clients make better career decisions and gain the clarity they need to create a career they're proud of.

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Join the mailing list to get weekly tips and information and get a free copy of my 5 Tips to Make Work More Bearable workbook.



1:1 Coaching

Dedicated career support to help you make the transition to a career you truly love. Length of time and number of sessions varies depending on your goals. Topics can include: career discovery, promotion decision support, job search strategy, or career transition planning.


The Golden Path Learning Program

This online, self-directed learning program is designed for people who know they need a change but don't know where to start. A holistic approach that includes self-discovery, career discovery, overcoming obstacles, and taking action.


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