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3 Reasons Why COVID has Led You to Reconsider Your Job

Lisa Plain (Petkovsek)Blog

…and what you can do about it!

It’s a challenging time, and lately, I’ve gotten a lot of questions about why so many people are considering switching jobs. I’ve reached out to a number of friends, clients, and colleagues and the reasons seem to fall into 3 buckets:

  1. This might be the first pause of your working life. You actually have time to think, observe, and consider if what you’re doing makes sense.
  2. The social buffer of your job is gone. There are many times we stay at a job for the people and the environment, but now you are left with just your work and a few zoom calls.
  3. You are more aware of your own mortality. This is a bit of a touchy subject but the realization that you will die one day can actually help you live a more fulfilling life, (as Tim McGraw says “Live like you were dying”).

There are some big opportunities here though if you’re open to it

And this is not to say you need to change jobs OR do any self-work. BUT if you are in that place, read on.


  • You have time to get to know yourself again. The time you spent on your commute can now be used to read things that interest you, do activities you enjoy, or connect with your loved ones.
  • Find fulfilling work. Virtually network with people and companies you never considered before because of distance or time constraints.
  • Start that business or side hustle you’ve always wanted to start.

What You Can Do About It

  • Choose one next step. Update your resume, call up an old friend to chat, order a new book on amazon. Momentum can build with the smallest movement.
  • Ask yourself some good questions: What would I do for free? What do I like to read in my spare time? What part of my past jobs have I enjoyed, how can I get more of that?
  • Hire a career coach.

How a Career Coach can Help

  • It’s like personal training for your career. You get results faster and actually stick to it (three cheers for accountability!).
  • You have a guide and a cheerleader. Going back to the personal training example, you have someone to tell you which exercises to do to give you the best results and someone to *virtually* high-five when you make progress.
  • The coach is trained to help you move forward. They have actual tools, experience, and insight to help you dig deeper and push through roadblocks.

How to Find the Right Coach

  • Interview a few coaches for FIT. Like finding a good doctor or hairdresser, you need to click.
  • Work with someone you admire. Do you resonate with their content? Do they spark excitement in you when talking about your future?
  • Gauge your own commitment. If you feel wishy-washy about it, it won’t work. The power of coaching comes from the partnership, with both parties being willing to give 100%, (not to be confused with fear. Fear you can get past, lack of commitment is a non-starter).

If you’re interested in exploring this further, click here to schedule your free consultation.


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