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The Career Change Paradox

Lisa Plain (Petkovsek)Blog

The paradox is this: when work is really bad, you don’t have the energy to deal with a job change, but when work is okay, you think “I can stick it out for a bit longer”.

I speak with people who experience this all the time. They come to me in the bad times, when they can’t take it anymore. “I’m ready to quit.” But they are working too much or are too tired to take action. “I know I need a change but I CAN’T do it right now”.

When things calm down, we speak again, but this time they tell me things aren’t so bad. That they now don’t have the motivation to make a change, they’re comfortable. “Maybe in a few months I’ll re-look at this.”

A few months pass and guess where they are again? That’s right, back into the I-can’t-take-this-anymore phase.

The problem is that this cycle will go on forever until you decide to do something about it. Action is the only cure.

Small, consistent action is the best way forward too. Setting aside just 1-2 hours per week makes a difference and adds up. With 1-2 hours per week you can:

  • • update your resume
  • • have coffee with someone
  • • brainstorm what’s going to make you happy
  • • build a website
  • • flex your creative muscle (paint, craft, build, etc.).

Make a list of small tasks that will help you move forward and check one off every week. You are the only person that can make it happen, so don’t wait until you’re in panic mode. Start today!


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