The How Will Drag You Down

Lisa Plain (Petkovsek)Blog

The “how” will drag you down.

The #1 dream killer? Getting bogged down in the logistics and the details before you’ve even started.

Imagine if you were an 8 year old kid watching your parents buy a car. You might say to yourself “that’s so cool! I want a car one day!” And the dream is born. Imagine you then wrote down all the steps needed to make that happen. “Now I have to grow for another 8 years, learn how to drive, save a bunch of money, go to the bank, open a savings account, get insurance… I’m so overwhelmed, I’ll never get a car.” Oof.

This is what people do with their careers all the time. “I want to start my own business!” Then comes the torrential downpour of little details. And suddenly, the dream is gone.

Instead of going down the rabbit hole, if there’s a whisper in your soul telling you to try something, play along. See where it takes you without needing to know exactly how it’ll all work out. You’re smart, skillful, able, and you’ve hit big goals before. You can figure a lot of stuff out! Trust yourself. You are much more capable than you give yourself credit for


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